Travel Lectures by Catherine Hopper

Around the world with Catherine


A yawn-free, fast-moving slide lecture… well structured, exciting, informative and, in places, very, very funny… a talented speaker with the ability to establish a rapport with an audience.

— The Globetrotters Club, London

An absorbing and delightfully personal account… the unusual hush of the riveted audience showed how exceptionally successful it was.

— The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Great Britain

She is a delight to see and hear. Her very youth and bubbling enthusiasm are a tonic! She spoke without a single note!

— Colchester and District Ladies’ Luncheon Club, 1980s

You do have a youthful, bubbly enthusiasm! Quite superb; so interesting and delivered in a delightfully relaxed manner.

— Darlington Lecture Association, 2003

A wonderful ambassador for Buddhism.

— Keswick Lecture Society

Her talk was an inspiration not only for its information content but for her quiet approach to travel. I for one was quite fascinated. It was a masterful performance.

— The Royal Geographical Society’s Expeditionary Advisory Centre

Inspiring, captivating, warm hearted – she has a great gift for communicating with clarity and intelligence straight from, and to, the heart.

— Rosslyn Hill Chapel lectures

A wonderful evening: brilliant pictures, informed commentary and human interest.

— International Travel & Holiday Association

…the best talk I have ever heard!

— Wilderness Lectures, Bristol

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